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Best beauty apps

Not sure what hairstyle you’re after? Confused about eye shadow shades? Curious about how to re-create celeb makeup looks? Trust us; there’s an app for all that – and more. Check out some of our favorite beauty apps to help you get – and stay – gorgeous no matter where you are.

Hair style

Deciding on a hair style can be one of the most frustrating beauty conundrums. Bangs or no bangs? Bob or pixie cut? Layers or all one length? Get help answering these questions with this user-friendly app that allows you to try over 270 styles and 53 shades right from your iPhone. Upload your photo (or take one with your phone) to start trying potential looks.

Price: $1


No mirror to check your lipstick before a big date or meeting? No problem. This app turns your iPhone’s forward facing camera into a mirror, complete with four (yes four) lighting settings – home, office, night and day.

Price: Free

Celebrity Makeup Looks

If you’ve ever wondered how Kim Kardashian, Beyonce or Lady Gaga get their signature makeup looks, now you can try your hand at recreating your favorite celebrity-inspired looks. Choose from 27 videos offering step-by-step instructions on how to apply makeup like some of today’s hottest stars.

Price: Free


Nail polish junkie? So are we! And we’re pretty sure you’ll love this fun app featuring hundreds of the popular polish brand’s shades to check out before buying. Simply choose a shade and get a virtual look at how it will look as your newest manicure shade – on the virtual hand. You can even adjust skin tone and nail length for a more accurate idea of shade.

Price: Free

MakeUp by ModiFace

When it comes to choosing a new shade of lipstick, blush or eye shadow, what looks great in the store can turn into a serious makeup mishap at home. Avoid choosing a hue that just doesn’t suit you with this app that allows you to upload your photo and try on thousands of shades. Post the photos to Facebook to get a second opinion and even purchase the ones you like right from your phone.

Price: Free

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