10 Beauty questions men would really like to ask you

Boy Talk

It’s no secret that when it comes to beauty, boys just don’t get it. So it’s totally understandable that they’d be a little confused by our party nails, pixie cuts and the whole going to the bathroom in pairs things. Don’t worry, boys — we’re here to explain. We asked 10 guys to confess their biggest beauty questions, and then we had 10 lovely ladies answer them!


Why do women go to the
bathroom in pairs? — Kenny K.

“We go to the bathroom in pairs so we can gossip, reapply lipstick and floss each other’s teeth with our hair (no really, I’ve done this before). It’s also a danger issue because there could be a polar bear waiting in there or a giant alligator, which could require two women to subdue. Safety first. The truth? We want to talk about you in a place where you won’t be able to creepily eavesdrop.” — Rachel C.


Why do girls cut their
hair short? — Drew H.

“I think girls cut their hair short because they feel like it will be more versatile. Or they’re just tired of having to put their hair in a ponytail. When I cut mine, I was traveling to Spain and wanted something chic and easy. But I quickly found out it wasn’t easier than my long hair. My friend cut hers off because she thought it would be more professional for work.” — Kaitlin S.


Why do some women use lip
gloss instead of lipstick? — Dan C.

“Because lip gloss is more goof-proof. By that I mean if you accidentally color outside the lines, it’s less noticeable.” — Elise H.


I’ve used Q-tips only to clean my ears.
What else do girls use them for? — Daniel S.

“Makeup application, cleaning up our cuticles after nail polish, removing smudges, bleaching tiny spots of tomato sauce on white shirts and carefully dabbing pee on those elusive pink strip pregnancy tests.” — Bryce G.


Why do women wear a fake orange looking tan when it doesn’t
even look good?
— Daniel O.

“I ask myself the same question! Hmm, because some girls think looking like Doritos slapped them in the face is cute?” — Amanda T.


When is it OK for your man to see you
without makeup?
— Harold W.

“After you spend the night together for the first time (a planned sleepover, not just for a romp). Always wash your face before bed, ladies!” — Jessee E.


Why do women always think they need to lose weight no matter how much we
tell them they don’t? — Adam T.

“There are two main reasons girls insist they need to lose weight even when their dudes tell them they don’t. Number one is insecurity. Maybe homegirl is just fishing for compliments? Or perhaps she wants to gauge the sincerity of your, ‘Babe you’re crazy, you don’t need to lose weight’ response. We know you’ll say it, but how you say it matters too. Number two is a thwarted self-image. Regardless of the reason though, most likely your girl wants to know that you love her even if she has put on a few pounds.” — Julia D.


Why do girls go through so much trouble
with their hair, and why can’t they wash it every time they shower? — Sebastian S.

“My hair is an absolute travesty if I do nothing to it. Frizz, random curls, straight pieces, no shape — you name the problem, I’ve got it. Smoothing out my hair to be straight or in loose curls definitely changes the shape of my face and my overall look. And after all of the time it takes to do it, I can’t commit to that regimen every day.” — Abby V.

No poo?

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Why do girls think it’s normal to cake
on a ton of makeup for literally
everything they do? Geoff G.

“I think some women cake on a lot of makeup because they were never taught the proper technique for applying foundation evenly and smoothly. Others just believe heavy makeup will make them look more sexually attractive to men.” — Mandy B.


Why do girls paint one nail
a different color? — Colin K.

“Simply put, it’s fun! Having a party nail draws attention to your hands and is like a fashion statement on your finger. What’s not to love?” — Eliza S.

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