How to find the right pair of shades for your face shape

Find the
perfect fit

Shopping for a pair of sunglasses is a whole lot like shopping for a pair of jeans: Not every style is going to flatter your shape, but once you figure out what works for you, it’s all smooth sailing from there! Our experts help you meet your perfect match with these easy-to-follow tips.


An oval face

Lucky you! According to Kevin Hundert, founder of made eyewear (an online eyewear brand launching this summer), oval is the most versatile face shape for picking sunglasses. “As long as the size of the frame is proportional to your face, it’s hard to go wrong,” he says. “If you’re feeling bold, even oversized sunnies can look great on you.”

Our pick: Quay Eyewear WIS_DM Sunglasses (, $40)


A round face

To offset the roundness of your face, Kevin suggests opting for sunglasses with an angular shape. Do not — we repeat — do not buy round frames! “Frames that are barely wider than your face can also make it appear smaller,” adds fashion stylist and blogger Illysia Neumann-Loreck of

Our pick: Vogue Hexagon Gunmetal And Yellow Sunglasses (, $173)


A long face

Have a long, thin face like Liv Tyler or Sarah Jessica Parker? Illysia recommends sticking to square or rectangular sunglasses, which will minimize the length of your face.

Our pick: Carmen Marc Valvo Valentina Oversized Sunglasses (, $115)


A square face

“The strategy behind selecting shades for a square face is the exact opposite of a round one,” notes Kevin. You want to balance out all that square-ness with a curved or rounded frame. “Steer clear of any sharp designs that will accentuate the angles in your face,” warns Illysia.

Our pick: Elizabeth and James Wooster Sunglasses (, $185)


A heart-shaped face

People with heart-shaped faces have broad foreheads and small chins. Thus, their sunglasses shouldn’t be much wider than their temples, advises Illysia. “Don’t go too big with your shades or you’ll attract attention to your forehead,” she cautions.

Our pick: Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 316/S (, $120)


A diamond-shaped face

Elizabeth Hurley is the prime example of a celebrity with a diamond-shaped face. Her forehead and chin are narrow, while her cheekbones are wide. Sunglasses that extend out further on the top as opposed to the bottom, like cat-eye shades or aviators, will complement this face shape best, informs Illysia.

Our pick: Ray-Ban Plastic Aviator Sunglasses (, $150)

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