6 Fragrances that smell like spring

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Springtime scents

Whether you crave the scent of the ocean or a blossoming flower, capture your favorite smell of spring in one sexy spritz.


Pink Friday

Pink friday

Nicki Minaj’s debut fragrance, Pink Friday imparts a playful cloud of floral petals combined with the fresh scents of crisp fruits. (Macy’s, $59)


Falling into the Sea

Falling into the sea

This perfume promises to deliver sunshine on a cloudy day, with a light mix of lemon, grapefruit and warm sand. (Imaginary Authors, $85)


Couture La La

Couture la la

Juicy Couture’s Couture La La is a free spirit in a bottle. A sparkling floral blend, with a bottle adorned with a neon pink bow and punk-rock charm collar. (Macy’s, $90)




Marchesa Parfum d’Extase captures the delicate essence of flower petals juxtaposed with the dark sensuality of its precious roots. (Sephora, $85)


Flowering Tonka

Flowering Tonka

Demeter’s Flowering Tonka adds the light crispness of the flower to the more traditional scent of the bean. (Demeter, $40)


White Diamonds

White Diamonds

For the glamour gal, White Diamonds brings together a soft mix of narcisse, gardenia and lilies in this dazzling fragrance created especially for Elizabeth Taylor. (Macy’s, $68)

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